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We are not associated/affiliated with the any college or educational dept/board, etc.

The SAT / ACT are the official tests used by colleges to help decide whether to admit students or deny them (along with GPA, transcript, recommendations, etc.). Not all schools require the SAT / ACT, but the great majority does. Academic Prep recommends that all college bound students take either the Academic Prep in order to make a successful transition to higher education.

When is it offered? The Academic Prep is given 7 times per year.(View our Calendar)
Why should students take the Academic Prep? Most colleges require the Academic Prep or ACT for admissions and may use it to award scholarships.
How is it scored? There are 3 sections: Critical Reading, Math, and Writing. Each section is scored from 200 to 800. The lowest score you can get on the Academic Prep is a 600; the highest score anyone can get is a 2400.
How long is the Test? 3 hours, 45 minutes (Two 10 minute breaks)]
How Do I Register to Take the Academic Prep? Visit Click on the Academic Prep Registration page.
How many math questions are on the Academic Prep? There are 54 Math questions on the Academic Prep. You'll have three math sections; 2, 25-minute sections and 1, 20-minute section.
What math concepts are tested on the Academic Prep? Basic Arithmetic, Algebra 1 & II, and Geometry.
How is the math section scored? 200-800 points. You get 200 points for signing your name and each question you get right gets you closer to an 800 perfect score.
What type of math questions are on the Academic Prep? The 54 questions are broken down into 2 question types: 44, multiple-choice, problem solving questions and 10, student produced grid-in questions.


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All students will receive a 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked. Simply return the materials within 30 days, and you will receive a refund minus shipping costs of $14.95 !*

*No personal information will be sold to a third party. All products are shipped within three business days via U.S. postal mail